Company Policies
Quality Policy

Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company is decisively in intention to be the leader at the scope of civil engineering objects - roads, runways for aeroplanes, tunnels, bridges, and all other objects at the scope of civil works and building constructions, which realizes:
  • By construction of high-quality and reliable roads, runways for aeroplanes, tunnels, bridges;
  • By construction of high quality and reliable objects at the scope of civil works and building constructions;
  • By permanent improving of our services quality;
  • By management systems integration: quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) , OH&S (OHSAS 18001) and other management systems into unique business system;
  • By satisfaction of requirements, needs and expectancies of Investors, final users, employees, socitey and other interested parties, with permanent observation to their pleasure level;
  • By Top management commitment to stimulate all employees by creating and maintaining the labouring atmosphere to take active part in Company business goals achieving;
  • By permanent and planned education, training and motivating of employees, in order to do all existing and new works in effectively and high-quality manner;
  • By applying of the process aproach to management the all Company resources and activities and permanent management the interconnected process system;
  • By affording of business and other decisions on the basis of data and informations analyse, and
  • By permanent improving of relations with Investors, partnership and suppliers, which would contribute to mutual interest optimization.

Environmental Policy

Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company, in order to long-term successful dealings, lay down detached importance to the system approach on environmental activities. For that purpose, Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company:
  • Includes policy, programmes and environmental practise into every activity, as the important element of management function and leadership in the scope of environmental management system;
  • Identifies all environmental aspects and controles aspects estimated to be significant;
  • Takes place, applies and maintains documented general and partial environmental goals and programmes for these goals achieving;
  • Takes place, applies and maintains routine actions on tracking and measuring of its own operations key performances which could have the significant impact to the environment in order to observe environmental outputs;
  • Does business in accordance with laws and other rules in the field of the environment protection;
  • Aspires to steady improvements and pollution prevention in the scope of the environment protection;
  • Systematicly decreases pollutants emision into the environment (air, water, soil), economizes energy and resources, minimizes usage of pollutants and quantity of waste;
  • Elevates employees consciousness about environment protection importance by permanent education and professionally formation as well as by high quality and in time briefing, and
  • Procures and assembles such products which have not, or have minimal impact to the environment, and incentives suppliers/sub-contractors to active applying of all actions in order to protect the environment, including applying of ISO 14001 standard within their business.

OH&S Policy

Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company Management policy is to minimize all risks by applying of preventive programmes and Company`s OH&S risks management within all activities and process. Management states Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company`s dedication to establish and maintain programmes which aims are minimization of employees and other persons risks, throughtout following activities:
  • Danger identification, risks assessment and risks management;
  • Validation and maintain of documented goals relevant with OH&S in all functions and through all organizational levels and programmes for these goals achieving, wherewith itself realises management destination toward continuous improvements;
  • Taking place, applying and maintaining of routine actions on OH&S performances tracking and measuring, in order to observe OH&S outputs;
  • Coordination and integration programme of risks management in the scope of OH&S;
  • Tracking and supervision of such activities which could bring to about enlarged OH&S risks or injures at work, time and resources ildy spent as well as damages at the equipment;
  • Harmonization to national and international rules, standards and laws;
  • Employees permanent education for healthy and safe work, and
  • Reporting about risks management problems to Managment in time, and employees OH&S system improvement.
By this Policy adopting, every organizational unit/function of the Company become responsible for taking a part in creating risk prevention programmes and risks management, according to lines placed by Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company Policy. Therewith, every programme have to express principle, to be effective in risk management and to define responsibility of every management level as well as all Company`s employees.

Company`s Quality Policy, Environmental Policy and OH&S Policy are subject of occasionally analyse and changing, when needed.

In issued Quality Policy, Environmental Policy and OH&S Policy implementation, I expect cooperation and support of all Unogradnja V.V. d.o.o. Company`s employees.

Vaso Adžić
General Manager

Belgrade, 07/28/2009